Steven P. Tondi


Steve has been the President/CEO of the AGC (Associated General Contractors) of the Quad Cities since May of 1995. The AGCQC is a commercial building contractor association located in the Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities. Mr. Tondi's duties include implementing Board of Directors policies with regard to the greater interests of the construction industry and to serve as representative and liaison to the AGC of America.

Some of Mr. Tondi's duties include labor relations, which encompasses collective bargaining and grievance resolution. Steve has served as a management Trustee for 9 separate (ERISA) labor trusts with assets over two billion dollars. He also serves as Chairman of the area Labor Management Council (ILLOWA).

Prior to moving to the Quad Cities, Steve lived in Springfield, Illinois and was employed by the State of Illinois for over twenty years. Steve is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Springfield. His last position was with the Attorney General where his duties included appointment as legislative liaison and finally, statewide Director of Administration. Steve is a member of the ISAE, ASAE and the IFEBP and is also an active member of the Quad City Chamber of Commerce.